About 3 or 4 years ago I had just been for a hike up Mt Coolum and on my way home saw a new shop had opened “Mosaica”. I stopped in to take a look and was mesmerised by it all. I thought I’d like to have a go at this. As it happened a friend had given me a 500mm diameter piece of ply that I was toying with what to do. I decided to try my hand at making it into a table top. So I bought some tiles & glass and went about putting down a favourite surf/tropical themed picture I’d had in my head since I was a teenager – palm tree on the beach with my favourite flowers, frangipanis & hibiscus. It turned out pretty darn good!

As a single mum and as I happened to be out of work at the time and seeing as I’d enjoyed creating this piece so much I decided to set up my own little work space – my garden shed or “she shed” as it is affectionately known. I filled it with jars of beads, rocks, tubs of glass and gradually built up the tools I needed. I designed my logo, registered my business name “Boards of Distinction” and setup & designed my own website (since closed, but have both Instagram & Facebook pages/accounts).

My favourite canvas is the surfboard – I don’t know why exactly, but the shape & image just inspire me and suit my beach themed taste. So I pick up old boards from everywhere & anywhere, clean them up & up cycle them into practical works of art as backdrops for outdoor showers! No one else in Australia was doing it his at the time & the only other person I found was in Hawaii, charging $5,000 US! I plumbed my own first one but always leave this up to clients to organise as I’m not a plumber and everyone has their personal preferences.

Though I can’t draw to save myself I can make a picture in my head come alive on a board. I liken it to creating a jigsaw puzzle without the picture or pre-determined pieces. I love making things fit. I’m a perfectionist so though most mosaic work is not precise, mine’s kinda close. My glass grinder is my best friend! Every piece has to be clean & neat with no rough edges! My pieces really are a labour of love and made with great care & passion.

I love to create beautiful pieces based on people’s personal designs & ideas as well as my own. I have a few pieces that have been given homes on both the Sunshine & Gold Coasts, one is in northern NSW & my first piece, my table top now resides in Tasmania!

I would dearly love to make this my full time work so I continue to create – it’s also wonderful therapy – I can lose hours out there with my music on & just playing with making the pictures in my head come to life with glass & my other favourite medium, items I find and collect on the beach; sand, shells, coral etc.

I have tried my hand at various markets around the coast with very limited success so would seriously welcome a partner to distribute & market them!!

Please feel free to contact me on 0422 609 705 and/or email me at boardsofdistinction@hotmail.com with any requests/orders.