North Shore Community Centre

About Us

The North Shore Community Centre began as a shared vision by the Community and Progress Associations within the North Shore Area who were concerned about the lack of a central, collaborative meeting place. In 2010, with funding from the Federal Government and help from our local council, construction began on our environmentally sustainable centre. It was officially opened on September 10th 2011.

Our centre is currently run by a dedicated team of local residents and a Venue Manager and Coordinator who gives generously of their time to get this centre established and to ensure its ongoing success. We are also supported by the Sunshine Coast Council who continue to guide and mentor our Management Committee.

The Volunteer Management Committee, through council grants and venue hire, employ a Manager and Bookings Coordinator to manage the day to day operational functions of the centre including: volunteer and staff supervision; community development; program development and funding; venue and office hire; strategic development and service provision.

North Shore Community Centre prides itself on being a safe, vibrant, engaging and welcoming Community Centre to all! We support, invest and assist in enriching the lives of our diverse community through facilitating opportunities for the benefit of the community to thrive and connect.

Be Involved, Be Inspired, Be Connected!

Our Mission

To Support, Influence, Connect and include a thriving and inclusive North Shore Community.


Everyone is welcome and accepted in a non-judgmental and caring manner. Everyone is treated with dignity and we strive to make people feel valued! To create, value and make a difference everywhere we engage.

Our Strategy

Our Strategic Business Plan drives the direction of the NSCC, outlining our goals and the actions needed to achieve these goals.

Sustainable Centre

Our modern multi-functional centre, built in 2011 by Evans Harch and designed by Guymer Bailey Architects in collaboration with community consultation, boasts a number of environmentally sustainable features. Take a closer look at our centre.

Our Local Community

The North Shore Community Centre Serves The Surrounding Communities Of: