North Shore Community Centre

Our Centre

A Modern, Sustainable & Collaborative Space.

The North Shore Community Centre began as a shared vision by the Community and Progress Associations within the North Shore Area who were concerned about the lack of a central, collaborative meeting place.

In 2010, with funding from the Federal Government and help from our local council, construction began on our environmentally sustainable centre. It was officially opened on September 10th 2011.

Our centre is currently run by a dedicated team of local North Shore residents who gave generously of their time to get this centre established and to ensure its ongoing success. We are also supported by the Sunshine Coast Council who continue to guide and mentor our Management Committee.

The NSCC currently acts as a hub of support networks for all members of the local community. We are proud to be a prominent focal point offering an inviting place for gatherings, community events and services.

The Management Committee employ a Venue Coordinator to oversee and manage the operational functions of the organisation including: volunteer and staff supervision; program development and funding; business and strategic development; and service provision.

Our Logo

Our logo was created & designed by active local artist Jodi Myuna of Pacific Paradise. Jodi’s drawing was chosen by our committee because of the thought & meaning that was attached.

The pandanus tree is familiar and known to all as a favourite beachside tree of the North Shore area. The 3 branches of the tree represent the landmarks surrounding the North Shore area: the river; the ocean & the mountain.

The colourful hands represent the many colourful people that make up our community – from our children to our elders. The stylised circular roots typify the ongoing involvement of the North Shore Community Centre. The small rocks encircling the logo represent the Aboriginal Bora Ring left by the Undumbi people and found in the North Shore area in the 1800s.